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Extend Or Change Condition Of Work Permit

You must extend your work permit status if one or more of the following situations apply:


  • The laborer’s occupation is broadened or changed. In these cases, unfamiliar laborers should promptly apply to broaden or change the states of their ongoing work grant before the license lapses.
  • The laborer is extended to an alternate employment opportunity in Canada. In these cases, a specialist should apply for a totally new work grant and can’t begin their new position without another work license.
  • The specialist needs to live and work in Canada forever. In these cases, the laborer should apply under one of Canada’s super durable home classes.
  • The laborer needs to leave Canada and afterward return: When work license holders leave Canada, they will be permitted to organize the augmentation of their work grant status. This will permit the holder to continue work when he/she gets back to Canada. At the point when the laborer gets back to Canada, one of the accompanying things will occur:
  • On the off chance that the work grant expansion is as yet being handled, the laborer will be permitted to enter Canada as a guest until the handling is finished. The laborer won’t be permitted to work until the augmentation is acknowledged.
  • Assuming that the license expansion has been acknowledged, the specialist will be permitted to reemerge Canada and work right away. On the off chance that the expansion was dismissed or not set up for, the specialist should apply for a totally new work license to work in Canada once more.