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Eligibility requirements for all applicants

There are explicit necessities you really want to meet contingent upon where you are the point at which you apply for your work license.

Yet, paying little heed to where you apply or which kind of work grant you apply for, you should

  • demonstrate to an official that you will leave Canada when your work license terminates.
  • show that you have sufficient the means to deal with yourself and your relatives during your visit in Canada and to get back.
  • comply with the law and have no record of crime (we might request that you give us a police freedom endorsement).
  • not be a threat to Canada’s security.
  • be healthy and have a clinical test, if necessary.
  • not want to work for a business recorded with the status “ineligible” on the rundown of bosses who neglected to follow the circumstances.
  • not want to work for a normal business, consistently, offers striptease, suggestive dance, escort administrations or sexual back rubs.
  • give the official some other reports they request to demonstrate you can enter the country.