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Sponser Your Parents And Grand Parents

If you are a Canadian Resident or a Canadian Long-lasting Occupant you can support your folks or grandparents to become super durable inhabitants of Canada under Parent Grandparent Program (PGP).

Assuming your PGP sponsorship application is endorsed, your folks or grandparents will partake in every one of the advantages of being Canadian super durable occupants, and they will actually want to work, get medical services, and even apply for citizenship subsequent to living in Canada for a very long time.

On October 12, 2022 IRCC began sending our solicitations to present a PGP sponsorship application to 23,100 likely patrons from the pool of 155,313 potential backers who presented an Interest to Support structure in 2020. In the end, IRCC will acknowledge up to 15,000 applications. So assuming you got a Challenge To Apply (ITA) for Parent Grandparent Program from IRCC don’t risk presenting an application without really taking a look at it with a migration legal counselor. The expense of a mix-up might be excessively high. All things considered, book a meeting with one of our Canadian Movement Legal counselors to set up a complete application.

Eligibility to sponsor your parents or grandparents

You might support your folks and grandparents in the event that you are:

  • somewhere around 18 years of old
  • a Canadian Super durable Occupant or a Canadian Resident, or an individual enrolled in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Demonstration and live in Canada
  • have sufficient cash to help your folks or grandparents once they come to Canada.
  • you have presented an Interest to Support structure in 2020, and
  • gotten a Challenge To Apply (ITA) from IRCC.

You can’t support your folks and grandparents to Canada if

  • you haven’t been welcome to apply for PGP
  • you’re under 18 years of age
  • you won’t live in Canada when you apply to support your folks and grandparents and when your folks and grandparents become long-lasting occupants
  • you’re not a Canadian resident, a PR inCanada, or an individual enlisted in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Demonstration
  • you’re visiting, contemplating or working in Canada on a visa or grant
  • your PR application is still in process
  • your verification of pay shows you need more cash to help individuals you need to support

You may not be qualified to support your folks and grandparents if

  • you are in prison, jail or prison
  • you didn’t take care of a migration credit, an exhibition bond, or court-requested family support installments, for example, provision or kid support
  • you didn’t give the monetary help you consented to when you consented to a sponsorship arrangement to support another person before
  • you defaulted on some loans and are not released
  • you get social help for an explanation other than an inability
  • you were sentenced for a vicious criminal offense, any offense against a family member or any sexual offense inside or outside Canada
  • you can’t legitimately remain in Canada and should leave the country since you got an Evacuation Request

How to apply for Parent Grandparent Program

To have the option to present an application for the Parent Grandparent Program, you probably presented the Interest to Support Structure between October 13, 2020 and November 3, 2020. On October 12, 2022 IRCC began conveying Solicitations To Apply (ITA) to the people who were arbitrarily looked over the pool of possible patrons. Solicitations are sent by email and assuming you’re picked by IRCC you will get an email in the inbox you’ve shown to your Greatest advantage to Support structure back in 2020. It is vital to ensure that you don’t miss the greeting, so browse your email and spam organizer (in the event the email lands there) consistently.

Assuming that you got and greeting to apply for PGP from IRCC – Congrats! You can now begin setting up your Parent Grandparent Program sponsorship application and you should submit it by December 24, 2022.

There are 2 applications that you should submit together simultaneously through the internet based gateway:

  1. An application to turn into a support
  2. An application for Super durable Home from your folks or grandparents

Recollect that IRCC is wanting to hit its objective of tolerating just 15,000 applications from the 23,100 welcomed expected supports, so you ought to be extra-careful of your application. One method for guaranteeing that your application structures are finished up accurately and you miss no vital detail that could prompt refusal is to interface with a Canadian Movement Legal counselor and survey your application before you submit it to IRCC.

Documents needed to apply for Parent Grandparent Program

You should submit two applications as one bundle – an application to support your folks or grandparents, and an application for Long-lasting Home from a supported individual. As a feature of these two applications, you should present the accompanying records:

  • Travel papers and computerized photographs;
  • All movement application structures referenced on the authority IRCC site and in the archives agenda;
  • Support’s evidence of status in Canada;
  • Support’s evidence of actual presence in Canada;
  • Common status records;
  • Evidence that the support meets the base pay cut-off for the 3 fiscal years preceding presenting the sponsorship application;
  • Police Leeway Testaments from all nations where the supported individual (parent or grandparent) has resided in for a considerable length of time or longer since the age of 18;
  • Evidence of finished Clinical test from the supported individual (parent and grandparent);
  • Evidence of installment for material handling charges.
  • Different reports that can make your application more grounded (address a legal counselor).