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Work while Studying

Without a work permit, international students may work while enrolled in classes in Canada with a current study permit. Foreign students' spouses or common-law partners are also permitted to work in Canada while their partner is enrolled in school.

The spouse is eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit, which gives them the freedom to work in any position.

Post Graduate Work Permit

After graduating, an international student may apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, an Open Work Permit that enables them to work in ANY job without limitations. You can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit without submitting an LMIA or a confirmation of an employment offer.

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a postgraduate work permit:

  • Within 90 days of getting formal documentation (such as a transcript or an official letter) from your institution stating that you have satisfied the requirements for finishing your academic programme, you must apply for a work permit.
  • have received word that you are qualified to acquire your degree, diploma, or certificate after completing and passing the programme of study.
  • possess a current study permit